Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Jan 30, 2021 – February 20, 2021

Mercury. Or rather, our mind. The transmission of intelligence, information, teaching, writing, talking, receiving, listening, learning. Connecting and discerning.

The planets, in evolutionary astrology, represent psycho-spiritual functions of our multifaceted selves. In Mercury’s case – the mind.

Bottom line, Mercury is how we connect and discern. And through our connection and our discernment, our mental reciprocity with the world around us and the organization of such an ongoing conversation, we create a worldview.

The process? Collect, discern, reflect, then respond.

We live in two worlds – the world of objective happenings and truth going on around us, and the inner world we create via the viewpoints we hold. We don’t live directly in the outer world, but rather, we live in our worldview: the inner, subjective model of the external world that we’ve created based on our fundamental experiences.

That is our Mercury.

The Infamous Mercury Retrograde

It’s no secret as to how this has become the most viral of planetary transits – the gatekeeper of a deeper interest in astrology. Because we live in a culture and a society that prioritizes the capacities of the human mind, it’s no wonder the planet representing mind is the most popular – and with it, the transit that makes the mind go awry.

The planets reflect our happenings on Earth. Or/and vice versa. Either way, the celebrity status of Mercury retrograde in astrology only reflects the massive importance we humans place on matters of the mind.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Let’s get down to it.

When a planet retrogrades, it appears to be moving backwards in the sky from the perspective of Earth. Symbolically, it’s a time in which we are called to go inwards.

Retrogrades call upon the rule of “re–.” Reflecting, re-directing, re-assessing, re-connecting, re-sourcing.

Going back into matters that you may have left unfinished, issues that may have resurfaced, situations that may have found repetition in your life.

Pop astrology warns the following – be wary of unsent emails and other technological difficulties, traffic jams and other transit impediments, words that feel “lost in translation” and other miscommunications. All functions of Mercury retrograde.

But deeper than our external world, Mercury retrograde calls us back into our internal world. The worldview we’ve created based on our experiences. During a retrograde, organization goes awry – perfect timing to do some re-working.

As individuals, transits don’t happen to us. We must make growth oriented responses to transits, in order to reap the potential for new strengths and insights.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

In 2021, Mercury retrogrades exclusively through air signs – touching on qualities of intelligence, ideas, social connections, and ways of thinking. The first retrograde begins on January 30, turning direct on February 20, and covering the grounds of 27º to 11º of Aquarius. Mercury’s 2021 retrogrades through air signs feel like a cosmic nod to the Great Conjunction of December 2020 – further setting the stage for the continued evolution of humanity.

Aquarius is an air sign known for its objectivity, its rebellious spirit, and its inclination towards the whole of humanity. Aquarius rules progressive endeavors; but before we can progress outwardly, we must make moves within our own selves – so says the retrograde.

A Mercury retrograde thorough objective Aquarius is asking us no small task: to view our beliefs, our thoughts, and our mental limitations through a microscope and through a telescope. Simultaneously. To take the time to zoom into our minds and review, revisit, reanalyze, and re-source our thought patterns. And then, to take the time to zoom out and ask ourselves: is my mind chatter aligning me closer to how I want to see humanity evolve? Are there outdated beliefs driving my actions that need releasing?

Mercury retrograde, like any other transit, is an opportunity. A teaching moment. Some practices I recommend during this retrograde, include identifying and releasing limiting beliefs, practicing affirmations or any other neuroplasticity work, and like any good Aquarius would (focus on evolving), meditation.

Aquarius’ evolutionary intent is to break down any barriers and confront limitations. For the purpose of individual liberation and collective freedom. To step into new dimensions of awareness.

Happy Mercury retrograde loves <3


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