sex and astrology

Sex and astrology

If you want to tap into your birth chart to access insight into what gives you pleasure and what lights you up sexually, look to your Venus and Mars placements. When people think of love, they think of Venus. However, Venus is more the idealization of love within our charts. Not exactly long term love or emotions (look to the moon for emotions and Saturn for long term compatibility.) Venus is where we find our pleasure and what we find alluring. Venus loves the idealization of love and what brings us pleasure. Venus loves to be adored, adorned and indulged. This planet of decadence rules Taurus and Libra. (We’ve included a little pleasure practice for each Venus placement!)

Mars is where we look for sexual chemistry and compatibility. Mars is about fornicating and fighting. It’s passion and the assertion of our passions. Mars rules Aries and is the co-ruler of Scorpio.

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Venus and Mars through the signs.

Venus in Aries/ Mars in Aries:

With Venus in this sign, competition is a source of flirting. They love to chase and be chased. Anything playful and spontaneous light up Venus in this sign. Playful banter and physical touch are key ingredients to a crush in the making. Physical activity would be their idea of a romantic date.

Pleasure practice: dancing and channeling your erotic energy/ a screaming practice

Mars is most comfortable in this sign, being that it rules the sign of Aries. This Mars placement loves action, excitement and heated passion. This placement likes instant gratification and gets bored easily. Quick to do and say just about everything. Showing off their athleticism are ways they try to impress.

Venus in Taurus/ Mars in Taurus:

Venus is at home in the sign of Taurus. Being in the first earth sign of the zodiac, this placement loves to indulge in life’s luxuries- especially material ones. A lover of nice fabrics, alluring aromas and gentle caress. These Venus placements appreciate stability/routine and are turned off by uncertainty. A true lover of great food and wine, their idea of a great date is being wined and dined.

Pleasure practice: candle-lit meal and slowly eating a decadent dessert.

Mars can be bull-headed in this sign. Physical touch is very important to them and they like no nonsense. They make great lovers as they have a lot of stamina and dedication in the things they do. However, they can be slow starters as they are a fixed sign.

Venus in Gemini/ Mars in Gemini

Venus in the sign of the twins loves communication. They love to have a good time and value wit. This placement is known to have great imaginations and are deeply curious. Gemini in this placement like spontaneity and it might be hard to keep their attention. One twin looks East while the other might look West.

Pleasure practice: hand massages and journaling your inner most desires. (try our massage oil, Völva )

Mars in this sign is more turned on by a partners intellect rather than the erotic desire of someone. A heated and well articulated debate with witty exchanges activates this Mars placement and is a favorite form of foreplay. They are all about oral stimulation.

Venus in Cancer/ Mars in Cancer

Venus in this placement values nourishing exchanges and sensitivity. They can be a little shy and love creature comforts as well as romance. They are all about trust, loyalty and the feeling of being both protected and protecting. Venus in this sign loves their home environment and are protective of this space. Once trust is established, they are happy to share their nourishing environment.

Pleasure practice: candle lit bath followed by a self massage or nourishing meal.

Mars in the sign of Cancer moves a bit sideways. They are protective, emotional and a bit secretive. Mars finds it a bit difficult to navigate these waters as it likes to be straightforward and to the point. Cancer Mars needs to feel trust in order to fully express their passions. They hold tight to the things they are passionate about.

Venus in Leo/ Mars in Leo

Venus loves attention and adoration here…maybe even the idea of being worshipped. They demand respect and have a lot to give in love and affection. They are true romantics and love the idea being in a power couple situation. Their partners are seen as a reflection of themselves, so who they choose as a partner is carefully considered.

Pleasure practice: candle lit self seduction- maybe in front of a mirror (no shade, this is a total thing!) try Freyja with this practice

Mars in this placement are turned on by an attentive partner. They like to be the best in bed and really want to impress. Flattery fuels their passion and aren’t afraid of adding a little drama to their expression. They like playfulness and have a strong desire for love and affection.

Venus in Virgo/ Mars in Virgo

This Venus placement shows their love through acts of appreciation, and want the same in return. Small, simple gestures don’t go unnoticed by this placement. They love doing practical things to care for their lovers. They want to please those they love and pay close attention to those they adore. Pleasure is apart of their health and well being and they thrive on reciprocity.

Pleasure practice: sit down with a warm herbal tea and meditate with crystals and plants.

Mars in Virgo often uses sex as an outlet for their everyday stress and tension. They might pay close attention to their bodies health/wellness and are discerning about what goes into their vessel. Totally the type to insist on a shower before and after, they put a lot of energy into details and cleanliness. They might come off as a bit wound tight, but don’t let this fool you. This Mars placement is totally down for exploration.

Venus in Libra/ Mars in Libra

Venus rules Libra and this placement loves balance and harmony. They are all about partnership and equality. Venus in Libra has refined taste/style and like partners who compliment them in every way. They are definite flirts, but do value partnerships.

Pleasure practice: a gentle yoga flow followed by a nourishing skincare routine

Mars in this sign is quite charming and isn’t one to outwardly ruffle feathers. They like the mood to be just right and take their partners' happiness seriously. Mars here puts a focus on finding balance and being diplomatic in their approach with others.

Venus in Scorpio/ Mars in Scorpio

Intense by nature, this Venus placement wants all of someone. They love power plays and intensity in their interactions- think long eye contact and sexual tension that fills a room. They’re secretive, mysterious and alluring.

Pleasure practice: candle lit self seduction and candle gazing (try Seior )

Mars in this sign has emotion and intensity in almost all that they do. Their erotic energy is palpable and they have a strong drive. A dash of danger totally excites them and they can be a bit of a shadow walker. Known to be all about sex, they can be a little choosy with their mates.

Venus in Sagittarius/ Mars in Sagittarius

These placements are drawn to exploration and the unknown. Travel and adventure excites them, as well as a good sense of humor. Jesters by nature, these Venus placements need humor in their relationships to feel alive and fully turned on.

Pleasure practice: self massage of the thighs and butt/ yoga for the hips

Mars in Sagittarius is direct with what they want. They love to have fun and don’t like complicating things that should just be straightforward. They’re known to look at sex as a sport rather than a romantic expression and like laughter between the sheets. This placement might also be fond of sex in nature.

Venus in Capricorn/ Mars in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn values stability and authority. They are earthy, practical and can be a bit materialistic- simply because being surrounded by nice things makes them feel good. They like to push limits and like those who are responsible and considerate. Discretion is important to them and being embarrassed by a partner in public would be a great insult. Venus in Capricorn is also known to be frugal.

Pleasure practice: facial massage using facial oil and gua sha with a special focus around the jaw/ base of the skull area.

Capricorn Mars is a straight shooter. They like to be in power and be surrounded by those who also have power. They value security and stability, and while they might take a bit to warm up, they are quite passionate and down to be a little freaky.

Venus in Aquarius/ Mars in Aquarius

Venus in the sign of Aquarius sees value in things not being defined. A little aloof and unique by nature, these placements don’t like to go with what they consider “normal” or “status quo”. They are eccentric, open minded and a bit rebellious. They appreciate their individuality and want others to do the same. Venus here puts value and emphasis on cerebral exchanges and philosophy.

Pleasure practice: self massage of the calves and/ or a gentle head massage

Mars in Aquarius can be detached and indifferent when it comes to sex. They like trying new things and are down to explore taboos. Partners who share their otherworldly insight turn them on and they need to be turned on mentally before they can feel turned on physically.

Venus in Pisces/ Mars in Pisces

Mystical and ethereal by nature, these Venus placements love creativity and spirituality. Venus in this sign loves to be romanced and to romance others. They fall in love easily and enjoy living and loving in their inner fantasy world. This placement is all about rose colored shades.

Pleasure practice: massaging the feet, candle gazing and naked painting.

Mars is Pisces placements are sensitive and a bit shy. While romantic and loving, they aren’t always straightforward and can be a bit spacey. They care deeply about the feelings of others, so much so that they can find it overwhelming. They’re great at intuiting what their partners need and make great lovers.