Sex Magic & Somatics

Sex Magic And Somatics

Embodiment.  Magic. Trauma.  These highs and lows all reflect our innate desire and ability to be safe, sovereign, and joyful in our lives.  The mind is housed in the body, the body holds the memories of the mind, and the two are in constant communication with each other.  Somatics is the healing practice that recognizes the mind-body connection, and the necessity of both to be present for healing.  

What Is Sex Magic?

Sex magic is the broad and varied practice of casting spells through the concentrated conduit of sex. Sex is a powerful energy of creative life force, and magic is the practice of creating change through acts that express and amplify our intentions.  Sex magic, then, holds its power as an act that demands our full focus, brings us into our bodies, and utilizes our innate power of creating change.

How do you feel reading this? Inspired? Excluded? Numb? Many of us are not “in our bodies” in our daily life, least of all during sex.  Trauma, and its common coping mechanism, dissociation, pull us out of our bodies as a survival mechanism.  For those of us who have experienced trauma, blocking out our feelings and bodily sensations once kept us safe(r).  While extended disconnection from our body keeps away the pain of reliving our trauma, it also inhibits us from experiencing true, consistent, and organic pleasure.

Somatic Experience

Somatic healing practices, which combine physical healing and mental/emotional/spiritual healing, give us the opportunity to heal our whole self.  When we learn how to feel safe(r) in our bodies and minds and calm(er) in simply existing, we open the doors to feeling joy and pleasure again.  Practices such as dance, yoga, and breathwork can help us attune to, integrate, and heal the emotions that come up for us when we move and experience our bodies.  Therapeutic practices like pelvic floor physical therapy, EMDR, and IFS help us to identify aspects of our mind and body that hold deep emotional wounds, so we can heal them with the support of a professional practitioner.

So what does this have to do with sex magic?  Somatics are foundational to successful sexual relationships with ourselves and with others.  Trauma makes us feel out of control and separates us from our bodies, because at the time of experiencing trauma, that separation was integral to our survival.  As we work on healing trauma, and give ourselves permission to feel safe in our bodies, we can learn what our bodies want and need, like and dislike, and we can teach ourselves and our partner(s) how to be good to our bodies in those ways.  When we are present and feeling in our bodies, or embodied, we are able to feel the pleasure that was once blocked out along with the pain.  Feeling pleasure and feeling present are the keys to successful sex magic.

In conclusion, as we develop our sex magic practice and confidence, we continue that positive development of confidence, competence, and constructive control in our lives.

Gwen Walsh

About Gwen:

My name is Gwen, and I’m a sex educator, tarot reader, and witch based in Maine. I graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and a minor in Holistic and Integrative Health. My sex education ethics are grounded in accurate, inclusive, and sex-positive information for all.  I believe everyone deserves to have the resources and information to understand and embrace their sexual and spiritual selves.

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