Venus as Values

What do intimacy, beauty, & finances have in common? Values.

Indulge me and picture this – the first step onto a sandy beach.

You had been watching the horizon through your car windshield, little heartbeats of excitement each time the ocean poked into view. With each step on the concrete sidewalk, you move further from the car and closer to the ocean. The horizon is now in full view, blue and beckoning you with each wave. Your heart races with excitement as you leave the previous hours behind – the traffic and parking and wondering when the last time you were even near the ocean was anyways... you keep moving forwards. Lulled by blue. And finally – the first step onto sand. Searing hot, sweetly rough sand. The ocean is no longer an idea, but a realized entity before your eyes. Before your body. Before your spirit. With each step closer to the waves, you feel the wind whip away the previous days, weeks, months, and even your own sense of identity – all stripped from you as you behold the majesty of the ocean rolling out beyond what your eye perceives. You’ve fallen into complete receptivity to the beauty before you. And a sense of security settles in.

That is Venus.

The outer beauty creating inner harmony. The defenseless, trusting receptivity in mind and body. The sense of security, safety, sensation itself. And behind the incarnate delights of harmony, receptivity, and sensation, the driving force of it all – values. Defined, embodied, honored values.

Before we speak of the psycho-spiritual nature Venus mirrors within our human psyches, let’s dive into the pulsing living planet as it is currently existing some 66 million miles away from Earth.

Venus is sandwiched between Mercury and Earth; Venus, the second planet closest to the sun, hurls through the solar system on it’s expected revolution around the sun at 78,341 mph. With a dramatic axis tilt of 177.33º, Venus appears to be spinning backwards. There’s much to be said symbolically of Venus’ physical rarities, but for now we’ll stick with the foundational understanding of Venus in our psyche through the lens of evolutionary astrology.

Venus is traditionally referred to as the planet of love. Representing intimate relationships, sensual experiences, finances (energetic exchanges), beauty, balance, and peace. Supreme queen at seeking and creating the balance within.

Within intimate relationships, Venus represents and functions as the receptive part of our nature. The part of us that seeks to be soothed and supported by our family, close friends, and romantic partners. The part of us that aims to create harmony within interpersonal relationships, nodding our heads and saying “I see your point of view, thank you for sharing that with me.” Through others we see multiplicity. With Venus, we see the harmony of the moving parts.

Within sensual experiences and beauty, Venus is art. Venus is awakened with a big sigh in seeing the ocean after a long time apart. Venus is the puckered lips tasting a tart berry, the closed eyes at the crescendo of an orgasm. Venus is the wind tickling our skin to birth goosebumps, the deep admiration for an artist’s paint strokes, the tender opening of thighs to welcome a lover in. Here, Venus is the mutual reception – inner harmony created through outer sensual experiences of beauty, or outer beauty created through inner harmony.

Within finances, Venus is the exchange of energy defined by worth. If Venus is defined by receptivity and interchange, Venus plays the same role within finances. Venus rules not only our personal financial balancing, but that which we give energy to through our purchases – supporting a small BIPOC owned biz rather than ordering via Amazon, saving our spare dollars rather than buying carry out coffee multiple times a week, or picking up the tab while dining with a friend who’s going through a rough time. Venus expressed through finances sits on the common thread that connects these expressions of Venus – values.

We give our money to that which we value. We experience beauty through the filter of our values. We create intimate relationships based on the foundation of our values. Values are what we deem important in life, what we place high amounts of worth onto. And values, as subconscious as they may be, become a driving force behind many of our interactions and modes of being.

Our natal Venus placement gives us clues to what these values could be, how we can best understand them, and how to best consciously honor what we place worth onto, to see a ripple effect in our relationships, sensuality, and financial endeavors.

We all have a Venus placement in our birth charts. Whether the placement is strong and central to our beings, or not as imposing as our other placements, humans as a whole will experience elements of the Venusian nature at certain times in their lifespan and certain areas in their humanhood. While a full birth chart reading is the best way to learn about your personal astrological blueprint, self-study and learning snippets of your birth chart are beautiful ways to stay connected, questioning, and curious. Below you’ll find Venus as expressed through the signs – check your birth chart to see where your Venus placement lies.

Here are some examples of values, as associated with Venus in each of the signs. While the word association within your Venus placement may or may not resonate with you (check your sun/moon/rising too), I encourage you to Google/Bing/Duck Duck Go search a core values list (such as this one, by Scott Jeffrey) to explore what your top three values are and how they manifest in your life. Spend some time journaling or meditating about what these values mean to you, where they show up in your life, and how to better incorporate them on the daily.

(Pls note! This is not a diagnosis, aka “if your Venus is in Aries, Bravery and Courage are definitely your core values.” This is rather an exercise, inspired by astrology, to deeper self study.)

(Values listed below adapted from “The Self-Confidence Workbook” by Barbara Markway, PhD and Celia Ampel. 2018.)

Venus as Values, through the signs

Venus in Aries values:

Bravery. Courage. Energy. Enthusiasm. Gratitude. Happiness. Instinct. Leadership. Meaning. Persistence. Personal Growth. Play. Risk. Skillfulness. Spirituality. Spontaneity. Strength. Uniqueness. Trust. Welcoming Spirit.

Venus in Taurus values:

Dependability. Dignity. Discipline. Gratitude. Wisdom. Happiness. Honesty. Mindfulness. Nature. Patience. Persistence. Personal Growth. Play. Resourcefulness. Security. Silence. Simplicity. Spirituality. Stability. Trustworthiness. Truth. Wisdom.

Venus in Gemini values:

Alertness. Curiosity. Equality. Friendship. Gratitude. Honesty. Joy. Knowledge. Learning. Mindfulness. Openness. Personal Growth. Play. Productivity. Reason. Skilfulness. Spirituality. Thoughtfulness. Truth. Wisdom.

Venus in Cancer values:

Care-fullness. Empathy. Faith. Family. Friendship. Gratitude. Honesty. Intuitiveness. Kindness. Leadership. Maturity. Meaning. Nature. Personal Growth. Play. Service. Spirituality. Stability. Thoughtfulness. Trustworthiness.

Venus in Leo values:

Community. Confidence. Creativity. Dignity. Generosity. Gratitude. Loyalty. Meaning. Personal Growth. Play. Reliability. Respect. Risk. Service. Silence. Spirituality. Spontaneity. Strength. Thoughtfulness. Trustworthiness.

Venus in Virgo values:

Altruism. Awareness. Carefulness. Discipline. Generosity. Gratitude. Honesty. Meaning. Personal Growth. Practicality. Reliability. Resourcefulness. Reverence. Spirituality. Stability. Thoughtfulness. Understanding. Truth.

Venus in Libra values:

Adaptability. Artistic Nature. Balance. Beauty. Empathy. Equality. Fairness. Friendship. Gratitude. Harmony. Humility. Justice. Personal Growth. Play. Reason. Reliability. Simplicity. Spirituality. Thoughtfulness. Trustworthiness. Truth.

Venus in Scorpio values:

Bravery. Connection. Excellence. Gratitude. Individuality. Humor. Intuitiveness. Knowledge. Loyalty. Mastery. Meaning. Mindfulness. Personal Growth. Reliability. Resourcefulness. Spirituality. Trustworthiness. Truth.

Venus in Sagittarius values:

Exploration. Courage. Energy. Enthusiasm. Freedom. Friendship. Gratitude. Humor. Learning. Mindfulness. Nature. Openness. Optimism. Personal Growth. Play. Spirituality. Spontaneity. Understanding. Truth. Wisdom.

Venus in Capricorn values:

Accomplishment. Care-fullness. Commitment. Discipline. Gratitude. Justice. Loyalty. Leadership. Mastery. Maturity. Patience. Persistence. Personal Growth. Resourcefulness. Skillfulness. Spirituality. Trustworthiness. Truth. Wisdom.

Venus in Aquarius values:

Awareness. Community. Excellence. Foresight. Freedom. Friendship. Gratitude. Humor. Leadership. Originality. Personal Growth. Play. Reason. Resourcefulness. Spirituality. Thoughtfulness. Uniqueness. Truth. Wisdom.

Venus in Pisces values:

Acceptance. Artistic Nature. Empathy. Equality. Expressive. Faith. Gratitude. Intuitiveness. Mindfulness. Nature. Personal Growth. Play. Spirituality. Spontaneity. Thoughtfulness. Understanding. Welcoming Spirit. Wisdom.

Merci loves. Till next time.


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