Meet The Makers

Who We Are

We're the co-founders of Citrine, and we'd like to take a minute to properly introduce ourselves! Citrine was born out of our desire and intention to make a brand that delivers holistic wellness and relief. We both know from personal experience that plants, self-care, and creative energy can help heal on all levels. It’s our fervent hope that we help people through our products—all developed with your sensual self in mind. We'd love to take a moment to drop in with a love note from each of us!

Hello! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself; my name is Nicole (left). I'm Citrine's built-in plant enthusiast and community herbalist. As a Maine native, I've worked in the cannabis industry for over a decade, which inspired and catalyzed my relationship with herbal medicine. It didn't take long for my relationship with cannabis to become interwoven with my love of plant medicine. My journey exploring plant allies began as a desperate attempt to alleviate the symptoms brought on from long-term prescription pharmaceutical usage and a desire to not only help myself, but also share plant magic with my community. I owe so much to plants for the continued support they provide. Formulating and further exploring the expansive world of plant allies and sharing it with all of you is such a treasure, and I look forward to continuing this adventure with you all!

I’m Lauren (on the right)—Citrine’s word witch, mystic, and sex magic enthusiast. A Capricorn/Sagittarius, I’m deeply curious and love exploring somatic experience. After ending a pregnancy years ago, I became disconnected from my body and lost the ability to feel sensual. This set in motion finding new ways of connecting and understanding my body. I spent time teaching yoga, dance, practicing reiki, and diving into studies like tantra. Along the way, I learned that feeling empowered and at ease in your body drastically shifts how you navigate the world. Pleasure is power, and finding ways to nourish that connection helps reclaim your magic. I love connecting with people and can’t wait to share more musings and upcoming product releases with you! As always, we really love chatting, so don’t be afraid to reach out either through Instagram or