Pleasure Practices

Pleasure Practices

The definition of pleasure is “a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment”. However, we believe true pleasure is deeper than that. Pleasure, as we see it, is being in touch with your senses. Being fully in a moment and in your body. Ask yourself, “do I feel pleasure when my mind is elsewhere?”

Pleasure can come from simple things- the feel of a light breeze, the sun on your face, water caressing your skin. Do you notice the feeling of such things when you’re in a rush? Maybe. Maybe not.

Truly embodied pleasure asks that we be here. Now. We’ve made some practices to help you get in touch and in tune with your senses for an exploration of pleasure through your senses.

Pleasure Practices To Try:

Dancing is one of the original ways we can access our pleasure center. Did you know listening to drumming and other rhythmic sound actually shifts your consciousness? It’s such an easy and fun way to get out of your mind and into your body. Dancing boosts your mood and allows expression of emotion you might not have even known was present. Getting in your element through dance is a perfect way to get into a mindset of pleasure. Your mood can be the compass of how your body might want to move. (We made a playlist to get you in the mood. Find it here)

Self massage can be an access point for ourselves. It allows us to tap into our bodies intelligence and become more fluent in its communication with us. Even if it's only for a few minutes in your day, self massage allows us to understand what might be coming up from within.The bodies we inhabit are constantly receiving and storing information from our outside world and experience. Bodies store everything we've ever experienced- for better or worse. Self massage allows us to transmute and work out some energies and emotions that may be stuck. Where knots show up in our bodies might give us clues about what needs to be released. For instance, a knot in your neck might be a lack of expression of something important to you. Allowing time to be in intimate contact with our own bodies helps us interpret the language and relationship within them. (Try our intimate oil, Völva, for your self massage practice)

Our last practice is self seduction. How would you seduce yourself? If you were another person and saw you, how would you want them to romance you? That might be a mindset to explore that can help you tap into a place of pleasure within yourself. Things like candles, fresh sheets, your favorite toys, a sexy playlist (like this one) and even food items (like chocolate) can all go into the container you’re creating. Maybe you grab a mirror and surprise yourself with just how amazing you look and feel in a state of pleasure and joy. There are no rules or stipulations when it comes to creating your own pleasure ritual. There's room to explore fantasy and creativity. Take your time throughout the whole process. Foreplay is just as important on your own as it is with someone else. Practicing the art of self seduction allows you to have the context, experience and confidence to show others how you like to be pleasured and cared for. Our massage candle, Seior, and our sex magic serum, Freyja, are both excellent for this practice!

Pleasure practices, no matter how small, are a gift to ourselves everyday.